Lingua+ Cultura I English: Goa - "Rome of the Orient"

Merano, Casa-urania, Via Ortwein, 6
Numero corso: 1940A12151, Merano
Orario: 19:00 - 22:00 Inizio: ven 13.12.2019
Durata: 1 / 3 Unità didattiche
Inizio: ven 13.12.2019
Insegnante: Audrey Lobo
Eur 20,-

Note sul prezzo: (incl. piccolo assaggio e bevanda)


In today’s youth culture, "Goa trance" is a popular music genre, a form of spiritual and cultural celebration uniting people globally. However, not many know what led to Goa becoming so well-known, not only for its music and moonlight parties but also for its laid-back style. This course offers an insight into Goa’s heritage, food and music culture, which has made it a holiday paradise for both young and old, as well as drawing some parallels to South Tyrolean history. The evening is suitable for anyone with a level B1 in English.


ven 13.12.2019
19:00 - 22:00
Merano, Casa-urania, Via Ortwein, 6

Alla sede del corso

Merano, Casa-urania, Via Ortwein, 6
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